Kehila opened 18 years ago to widen our community's educational opportunities. The founders spent two years researching Jewish schools across North America to bring back the most inspiring curriculum and best teaching practices.  Here's what some of graduates are doing now:

Leeav Lipton: Leeav graduated from Toronto University's Department of Astrophysics and Astronomy. He was hand-picked to help build SuperBIT, a high altitude balloon-borne telescope, designed to measure dark matter distribution around more than 100 galaxy clusters.

"Kehila's small classes were a great experience for me. We covered far more content and when I went on to public school, my English, French and Math skills were academically way ahead of students in my year."

Sarah Goldberg: Sarah is currently in Israel, interning in fashion design. She also runs her own Judaica fabric design company,

"Kehila encouraged my sense of adventure, nurturing my artistic skills and out-of-the-box thinking. All the teachers were accommodating and able to address my Individual Education Program learning needs.  The staff was always there for me and I was never scared or intimidated to ask for help."

Amiel Kollek: Amiel is studying Mathematics and Computer Science at McGill University. This summer he'll be working at Facebook's headquarters in San Francisco as a software engineering intern, one of only 400 picked worldwide each year.

"I was in one the first group at Kehila and our grades were usually combined. Being with kids a bit older gave me a big advantage; I was always learning material a few years above my age and this forced me to pick up new concepts quickly."

Talia Kollek: Talia graduates this year with an A average in History from McMaster University. She landed an opportunity to pursue her passion for Soviet History and Russian at the School of Higher Economics in Moscow this fall.

"Kehila gave me a strong Jewish identity and the education was excellent. I was years ahead of my peers when I transitioned to public school."

Ethan Rogers: Ethan is an honours graduate of the George Brown Advanced Culinary Apprenticeship Program, and working towards his Red Seal Chef Certification at Toronto's Barbarian's Steak House.

"Kehila taught me the importance of community, family and culture. In an environment that respects these values, you learn more, build character, and make life-long friends."

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