Integrated, Spiral CurriculumOur curriculum is designed in a spiral model so that every grade reinforces what was learned previously, while adding depth and breadth to every subject.

Integration of secular and Jewish studies is a central principle of our curriculum. We believe Judaism is not a subject, like math or science, but a way of life that touches on everything we do. As such, making a connection between the secular and the Judaic is crucial. During Tu Bishvat, the "birthday of the trees", for example, our kindergarten students combine the theme of trees and growth with mathematics by sorting, patterning, classifying, charting, graphing and sequencing leaves and seeds. They also may use seeds as musical instruments and source material for art.

We find ways to endear our heritage to our students in a supportive and challenging environment. Our students love to perform plays - so we integrate Language Arts, and Drama into the existing curriculum and invite parents to see their children perform plays and these musical pieces.

Hebrew is the language of the Bible but it is also the language of modern Israel and a connection to Israel is one of the key values the school fosters in its students. As such Hebrew is taught as a living language using the Ivrit Be'Ivrit (Hebrew in Hebrew) approach.

Learning skills are very important at this age where patterns of behaviour are set for the rest of the child's academic life. Children need to know how to learn and we make learning ... fun!

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Kehila Jewish Community Day School
215 Cline Avenue North
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada   L8S 4A1
905-529-9694 (fax) 
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Supported by the UJA Federation of Hamilton