The Kehila Jewish Community Day School Blended Kindergarten Program is a full day program offering an enriched academic learning environment for children turning 3 1/2 years of age and 5 years of age, by the end of December. The program is offered in a combined, beautifully equipped classroom, which runs 5 days per week. Following an enhanced Ontario Government junior and senior kindergarten curriculum, our highly skilled teachers will provide your child with the opportunity to master skills in all academic areas. The kindergarten group, while sharing a classroom environment, have their own learning objectives and will undertake their own level of study embodying the Ontario Government kindergarten curricula as a base and enriched to suit each child’s ability.

Kehila’s Blended Kindergarten Program is dedicated to a philosophy that sees children as whole, capable human beings, having the right to co-construct their educational experience. We will strive to create an atmosphere where children feel like valued members of our learning community and encourage all children to find and voice their unique gifts in a supportive and respectful environment. Our goal is to nurture independent and creative thinkers, enthusiastic life-long learners, active explorers and compassionate and respectful human beings. Unlike other blended kindergarten programs, ours will maintain a ratio of one teacher for 10 students, allowing for optimum support during individual investigations, skill development and group project work. In the blended bilingual Kindergarten curricula, while reflecting, meeting and exceeding the educational goals set out by the Ontario Government, young learners are encouraged, along with their teachers, to decide upon and undertake projects of study that allow for on-going investigation, in-depth study and the ability to develop and internalize skills and concepts from the entire range of curriculum components such as math, science, social studies, music, Hebrew language, Judaic studies, movement and technology.

Within our classroom, teachers will have exciting and daily opportunities to integrate curriculum. Activities that are meaningful and relevant to a child’s Jewish life experiences provide intrinsic motivation and allow for teachers to teach across the curriculum and assist their students in seeing the interrelationships of the things they are learning. At the Kehila Jewish Community Day School, we are confident that the Kindergarten program will offer your child the exclusive opportunity to marry an enriching and absorbing academic classroom experience along with Judaic studies, music and the arts. The classroom itself will offer an abundant array of fine art media, recycled found objects and a host of captivating natural materials. These resources, combined with well-chosen learning toys and curriculum materials will offer children the opportunity to make meaningful personal choices on a daily basis. Within this very special kindergarten program, the shift is from teaching to that of learning, with an emphasis on finding personal and meaningful ways to make curriculum areas come alive! We seek to develop in children and ourselves valuable habits of mind and dispositions, such as critical thinking, inquiry, research and problem solving: These are skills that will put our young Jewish learners in good stead as they arrive upon the doorstep of future academic experience.

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Kehila Jewish Community Day School
215 Cline Avenue North
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada   L8S 4A1
905-529-9694 (fax) 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Supported by the UJA Federation of Hamilton